How to care for a Leather watch strap

Leather is durable, resilient and a sophisticated classic when it comes to watch straps. Of course over time your watch strap will receive some well-loved wear and tear, whether that is from dirt, sweat, humidity or sunlight, so it is essential to take care of your leather watch strap to ensure it stays looking timeless.


1. Remove the watch strap from the watch

Firstly, you will need to remove the watch strap from the watch face as this will protect the dial from the cleaning process. Once this has been done you will need a microfibre cloth to wipe away any dirt on both sides of the watch strap. Removing any debris or dirt will ensure that these fragments will not scratch the surface of your leather watch strap.


2. Dampen and dry the watch strap

The next step is to dampen a different microfibre cloth and clean the watch strap with a mild and gentle soap as harsher soaps can strip away the natural moisture in the leather, and you should use only a pea-sized amount of soap.

Leather is not waterproof like rubber watches, therefore you will need to make sure that the microfibre cloth is damp and not soaked, and this will prevent water damage to the leather strap.

Use light pressure while cleaning and move the cloth in small circular motions, mainly focusing on areas where the dirt is concentrated. Once this has been done use another clean, damp microfibre cloth to remove the soap residue.

Before moving on to the next step you must ensure ample drying time for your leather watch strap, do not try to speed up this process by using a hairdryer or putting the strap in direct sunlight as this will cause damage.


3. Use a leather conditioner

Once your leather watch strap is completely dry grab another microfibre cloth and apply a few drops of your favourite leather conditioner. Similarly to cleaning the watch strap with soap, use gentle, circular movements to buff in the conditioner, and these products will create a protective layer from sunlight, dirt and water.

The cleaning of your leather strap will reduce any odours from sweat, and for optimal results concerning odours you can use a leather strap deodorant which neutralises any unpleasant odours.


4. Repeat the process every other week

Finally, the first three steps should be repeated every other week if you are wearing your leather watch strap consistently, you will not need to use the leather conditioner for every clean.

Leather watch straps are the most versatile of all the watch straps, whether that is metal, nylon or rubber. Leather can be dressed up for formal events for a timeless and classic look, or they can be worn for casual outings and add an element of sophistication to the outfit.

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